DataSource.Error for companion xlsx and pbix files

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David asked 6 years ago
Hi Gil, I'm a newbie and enjoy learning from your book. How do I NOT have to correct data source settings for every practice files? I put them in same C: folder structures as it shown in the error. Error text DataSource.Error: Could not find a part of the path 'C:\Data\C02\C02E02.xlsx'. Details: C:\Data\C02\C02E02.xlsx Thanks.
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Gil Raviv Staff answered 6 years ago

Quick update: Now, the folders in the companion Zip file are in the format C01, C02, etc. So readers can simply move the folders into C:\Data, and all the solution files will work.

Gil Raviv Staff answered 6 years ago
Hi David, Could you please confirm that you saved the files under C:\Data\C02? I suspect that you used the folder stucture that was provided in the ZIP file, which is 01, 02, 03,... instead of C01, C02, C03 and so forth. If you still have an issue, can you share a screenshot from File Explorer with the source files, and an additional screenshot of the error in Power Query Editor? Thank you,
David answered 6 years ago


I corrected it following your instructions (put C in folder names) :) and it worked.