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Nicholas Osdale-Popa asked 6 years ago

I don't recall seeing this mentioned prior, but in order for the exercises in Chapter 5 to work, the Promote Headers step needs to be removed before being able to drill down to the titles.

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Gil Raviv Staff answered 6 years ago

Thank you Nicholas for sharing this error. Can you confirm that this is only relevant to exercises 5-2 and 5-3? The error is a result of a logic change in Power Query. As far as I recall, when I wrote the original exercises Power Query didn't promote the first line as header on my data.
To follow the exercise here are the corrected steps:
P. 116 Exercise 5-2:
Step 4: Remove the last two steps in Applied Steps, Promoted Headers and Changed Type. (These automatic steps are pointless at this stage because the column types of the products table cannot be recognized correctly by Power Query, as the first rows contain the title and blank rows.)
P. 120 Exercise 5-3:
Step 7: When the Combine Files dialog box opens, in the Example File drop-down menu, select Sheet1 and click OK.
Step 8: When the Power Query Editor opens, notice in the Preview pane that the combined products table lacks the parent category context. Again, this is the result of the meaningless filenames. You can also notice that the second column name is wrongly called Bikes. To fix it, select the query Transform Sample File from C05E03 - Products and rename the query Products Sample. Then, remove the last two steps in Applied Steps, Promoted Headers and Changed Type.