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Save time. Impress your colleagues and boss with stunning Power BI demos. Learn about your brands & competitors. The best DataChant Power BI reports and demos can be yours.

Governance Tools for Custom Visuals

Explore new visuals. Bulk-Download visuals and samples from AppSource and scan reports for legacy visuals

Brand Sentiment on Facebook

Analyze user reaction, engagement and sentiment of any brand or company on Facebook

Analyze Any Facebook Page

Analyze user engagement to any Facebook page through posts, comments and shares

Analyze Any 3 Facebook Pages

Analyze user engagement to any three Facebook pages through posts, comments and shares


About the Author

Gil Raviv is a Microsoft MVP and Analytics Group Manager in Avanade. As a Senior Program Manager on the Microsoft Excel Product team, Gil led the design and integration of Power Query as the next-generation Get Data and data-wrangling technology in Excel 2016, and he has been a devoted M practitioner ever since.