Power BI Corporate Training

Make the best of your investments in Power BI, and schedule an industry-leading and unique training for your team.

My name is Gil Raviv. I have recently left Avanade, where I led the global Power BI capability for hundreds of the best BI developers and Microsoft specialists on earth. You can now hire my training services, knowing you can get the best value for your team.

As a Microsoft MVP and a Fast Track Recognized Solution Architect, I had the opportunity to work with the largest enterprises around the globe. I have designed their analytics solutions and architecture, ramped up centers of excellence, and supported communities of practice.

Over the course of the last five years, I have developed unique content that can accelerate your team’s analytics capabilities and will increase your ROI of Power BI and Power Query.

Power Query is going to conquer the world and shape a new kind of innovation that can be a game-changer in any data-driven project. You can harness Power Query and its dataflows service as a low-code enterprise ETL, and utilize it to generate data quality automation that can replace manual auditing or expensive shelf products. I have published recently an article on the Microsoft Power Query blog here to showcase several data quality apps that I released. As a thought-leader in this domain, I will be thrilled to meet with your team and share my knowledge and experience and guide you on low-code ETL and data quality automation using Power Query.

As an author of the book, Collect, Combine & Transform Data using Power Query, I can teach you Power Query with exclusive content from the book. As one of the top publishers of Power BI apps, with 10 apps on AppSource, I can share my best practices with your team and teach them how I built the dashboards.

Here are some classes you can select for your team. The classes can be remote or in-person if your team is located in US:

  • Power Query – Author Class
    • Your team get a digital copy of my book.
    • I introduce Power Query’s main features.
    • We complete together the best exercises of the book.
    • We learn how to utilize the book’s techniques to solve your own business challenges.
    • We learn advanced M techniques, if your team is ready in the journey.
    • The team get a challenging capstone project to show their new superpower.

  • Power BI Dataflows – Low-Code ETL
    • We learn how to take Power Query to the next level.
    • Introduction to dataflows.
    • Common data-shaping patterns.
    • Working with Web REST APIs.
    • We deploy DataChant apps to build effective data-quality and audting of your reports.
  • Power BI – Build a COVID-19 dashboard
    • We learn Power BI end-to-end capabilities using COVID-19 datasets.
    • Build industry-leading dashboards.
    • Your team will get one of the most popular dashboard on AppSource.

  • Any Power BI topic
    • Dashboard in a Day
    • Data Modeling and DAX (Basic and Advanced)
    • Admin in a Day
    • Any official training content from Microsoft here
  • Power BI Template Apps for Developers
    • With 10 apps that were published by DataChant on AppSource you cannot get any better training
    • Learn how to build necessary the queries
    • Visualizations best practices
    • App in a Day – Bring your own data or reports for review, and I will show you the art of the possible