Facebook Dashboard – Analyze ANY Page

You can now purchase this Power BI report to analyze ANY Facebook page. Click here to view the report. The report can be customized in Power BI Desktop. Just provide the page, and you are ready to go. Reuse the report on many Facebook pages you wish. No need to be the page administrator.

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Purchase the third option to analyze top engaged and engaging fans.

Top Engaging Fans – Best for pages that allow fans to post messages
Top engaged users – Click the fans to see their engagement over time
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Report Benefits

  • Analyze ANY Facebook page. You don’t need to be the administrator of these pages. Just set the page Facebook name (e.g. HBO, as found in https://facebook.com/HBO), and the report will load the page’s data.
  • Identify posts with the highest number of shares.
  • Navigate to the actual posts on Facebook.
  • Find the most effective keywords (In full version).
  • Find the most effective day of week and hour of day for the highest number of shares (in full version).
  • Find the most engaging and engaged fans (In third version).
  • The page’s picture / logo and title are loaded automatically. No need to customize the report  manually.
  • Enjoy Power BI to customize the report to meet your needs.
  • Enjoy a quick refresh, while the report loads ALL posts.

What’s New

The third report Facebook Dashboard – Any Page – Including Top Engaged Fans includes two new pages for top engaging and engaged fans. Try it out here in this embedded report of Power BI Facebook page:

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After purchasing the Facebook Dashboard, you will get the download link by email. Download the Zip file and unzip it.

Open the .pbit file with the latest Power BI Desktop, and set ANY Facebook page’s object name in the text box below:

Click Load.

If this is the first time, you connect to Facebook in Power BI Desktop, click Sign in.

Proceed with the Facebook App approval steps, and click OK.

When you are back in the Access Facebook dialog, click Connect.

Depedning on the page you decided to load, the refresh may take few minutes.

Once the refresh is over, you will get the Overview page on all versions of the report (Basic and Full). Note that everything in this report is dynamic, including the logo and title.

In the second page of the report (Which is available on both Basic and Full versions), you can review the posts, and navigate to the actual page on Facebook.

The following two pages in the report are only available in the Full version.

  • Explore specific keywords with the highest shares.

  • Find on which days of the week and hours of day, the page receieves the highest number of shares.

Hope you will enjoy these reports, and thank you for considering DataChant social analytics reports.

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