Custom Visuals in Power BI

You can now buy the Power BI Custom Visuals Template!

Read here how to create the basic version, or skip the ~200 steps, and get the finished report.
With this template you can:

  • Explore Power BI Custom Visuals that are available on Microsoft Office Store
  • Speed up your time-to-insights by exploring new custom visuals, and try them on your data
  • Gain access to the queries I used, and improve your web scraping skills using Power BI
  • Learn how to apply Text Analytics in Power BI using Microsoft Cognitive Services
  • Use the report for demo purposes

Once you download the Power BI Template file, you can open it in Power BI Desktop. You will be asked to provide Text Analytics API Key, which can be obtained for free from Microsoft Text Analytics here.

Once you paste the API Key, you may encounter a refresh error. To resolve the error, go to File –> Options & Settings –> Options, and check “Ignore Privacy Levels …” in Privacy.

Contact me at [email protected], if you have any questions.