Analyze ANY Three Facebook Pages

Analyze and compare the performance of any three Facebook Pages. Check out this live report that compares between HBO, Netflix and Amazon Videos.

Analyze any 3 Facebook Pages

You can easily modify the query to analyze ANY three Facebook pages, which means that you don’t need to be the page admin – Just pick any page you wish to analyze. The paid report can be scheduled for auto-refreshed on Power (More instructions below).

The report includes two additional pages, that allow you to explore Facebook posts in stunning new ways.

Page 2 - Analyze any 3 Facebook Pages

Page 3 - Analyze any 3 Facebook Pages

Report Benefits

  • Analyze ANY three Facebook pages. You don’t need to be the administrator of these pages. Just set the page Facebook name (e.g. HBO, as found in, and the report will load the page’s data.
  • Identify posts with the highest number of shares.
  • Find and analyze the number of shares per page’s fan.
  • Navigate to the actual posts on Facebook.
  • Find the most effective keywords.
  • Explore the posts in a stunning new ways.
  • All pictures and title are loaded automatically. No need to customize the report manually.
  • Use Power BI to customize the report to meet your needs.
  • Enjoy a quick refresh, while the report loads ALL posts.
  • The report can be configured for a scheduled refresh by Power BI Service. No need to set a gateway.


Unzip the .pbix file, and open it with the latest Power BI Desktop.

Explore the current report, that compares the engagement/performance of HBO, Netflix and Amazon Videos Facebook Pages. To change the report to analyze any other three pages, click Edit Queries, and change the Current Value of First PageSecond Page and Third Page parameters with the three pages’ object names from Facebook.

Click Close & Apply, and refresh the report.

If this is the first time, you connect to Facebook in Power BI Desktop, click Sign in.

Proceed with the Facebook App approval steps, and click OK.

When you are back in the Access Facebook dialog, click Connect.

Ready to publish the report, and enjoy an automatic refresh? In this live report, I set a daily scheduled refresh. No need to manually refresh the report.

For automatic scheduled refresh in, publish the report, and set the highlighted Facebook credentials under Data source credentials (You will simply need to log-in to your Facebook account, and approve Power BI Facebook App). Note: You may have three credentials instead of two. Just sign in to Facebook to allow Power BI service to conduct the scheduled refresh.

Next, turn on Scheduled refresh.

Looking for a single page analysis? Check out this report. You can combine between the two reports and analyze when the posts receive the highest number of shares in the hour of day and day of week.

Power BI Facebook Dashboard


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