DataChant Power BI Apps – Support Page

Thank you for your interest in DataChant Power BI Apps on AppSource. To manage or cancel your subscription go here. If you have any technical issues with one of the apps, you can contact us by mail here and we will help you get started.

Custom Visuals and Power BI Apps

To learn about the Custom Visuals Exploration Tool go here. To get the full version subscribe here.

To learn about Power BI Apps on AppSource – Exploration Tool go here. To get the full version, subscribe here.

Email Marketing Apps

Learn here about the ActiveCampaign Email Marketing dashboard.

Learn here about the Mailchimp Email Marketing Dashboard.

Learn here about the Twitter Dashboard app.

Data Quality and Auditing Apps

Learn here about the Dataflow Snapshots Analysis app.

Excel Compare

  • Learn here about the Excel Compare Power BI app. To get the full version subscribe here.
  • To purchase a license to customize the Excel Compare pbix file go here.

Other Apps

Learn here about the COVID-19 dashboard.


Are DataChant’s Power BI apps free? Which apps require a subscription?

All of DataChant Power BI Apps are free, but the apps below have data refresh limits in their free mode:

  • Custom Visuals Exploration Tool
  • Power BI Apps on AppSource – Exploration Tool
  • Excel Compare
  • MailChimp Email Marketing
  • ActiveCampaign Email Marketing
  • Twitter Dashboard
  • Analyze COVID-19 cases and vaccinations

To list the limits and activate the paid version, you can subscribe to the app. After you subscribe, enter the email address (that you used for the subscription) in the Email Subscription parameter in the dataset settings. After you will refresh the dataset again, the app will refresh without the limits.

How do I manage or cancel my subscription?

If you are subscribed to one of our paid Power BI apps on AppSource, you can cancel your recurring subscription at any time here. The page will redirect you to a Stripe billing page and request your email address. Please use the same email used to subscribe to the Power BI app. Once you provide your email, you will get an email from Stripe. Check your spam folder as well to find that email. In the email, you will get a secure time-limited link to your customer page on Stripe. This is where you can update your billing information, change the subscription, or cancel it.

Can you the PBIX files of the apps for free?

No. The team at has invested hundreds of hours to build the apps. To help us maintain the blog and the apps, we offer some of the apps and the PBIX files as paid subscriptions.

I received a PBIX file, but it’s not working

If you purchased our PBIX file or subscribed to our apps, and have a breaking change within the first 7 days since the purchase, we will do our best to fix it and send you a fixed version within 14 days. If we cannot fix it within 14 days, you can request a full refund here.

I received a PBIX file from DataChant as part of the subscription. Can I keep using it after I cancel the subscription?

No. As long as you subscribe, we grant you the license to use it and build any derivative work from it for commercial reasons for your business (but not to resell it to other customers). If you cancel your subscription, we humbly request that you stop using the report or any derivative work. If you would like to get other rights to use the PBIX file, please contact us by email here.