COVID-19 Dashboard – Support Page

Thank you for installing the COVID-19 Power BI app from Microsoft AppSource. I hope you find it useful. If you have any questions, please contact me at [email protected]

Due to some glitches on the Power BI Service, I received several negative reviews from users who failed to refresh the COVID-19 app after they installed it from AppSource. To ensure you will always have the report up to date, please follow the tips below, and contact me if you cannot refresh it after you follow the steps below. 

How did you build this report?

You can learn how I build the report here. The link will take you through a series of tutorials that covered multiple aspects of the report.

 Can I edit the report?

While the report file (pbix) is not available, you can still edit the report in your browser after you install the app in your Power BI Service and share it with your organization. Learn more about this functionality here.

 What is the last date I should see in the report?

The dataset imports the CSV files from Johns Hopkins University’s Github here. Check that website to find out when was the last time the CSV files were updated as shown here:


Johns Hopkins data is newer than the data in the report. What should I do?

 Go to the Workspace where you installed the app and check if you have any refresh errors in the dataset. If you don’t have any errors, set the dataset to refresh by applying a scheduled refresh as explained here.

 The refresh has failed due to this error: “Information needed in order to combine data.”

 If you get a refresh error like the one below, you can fix this issue in few simple steps.


Go to the workspace and click the ellipsis of the dataset. Then click Settings.


Click Edit Credentials.


Select Anonymous in Authentication Method. Then, select Public in Privacy level and click Sign in.


Go back to the workspace and select the dataset. Click Refresh and ensure the refresh was completed successfully. Next, open the report and click Refresh as shown below.


If you still cannot refresh the report, please contact me and consider also submitting a support ticket to Microsoft.