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Gil Raviv is an Author, Microsoft MVP, FastTrack Recognized Solution Architect, and the global lead of the Analytics Experience practice on Avanade. As a former Senior Program Manager on the Microsoft Excel Product team, Gil led the design and integration of Power Query as the next-generation Get-Data and data-wrangling technology in Excel 2016, and he has been a devoted M practitioner ever since (M=Power Query formula language). With 20 years of software development experience, and four U.S. patents in the fields of social networks, cybersecurity, and analytics, Gil has held a variety of innovative roles in cybersecurity and data analytics, and he has delivered a wide range of software products from advanced threat detection enterprise systems to the protection of kids on Facebook. In his blog, DataChant.com, Gil has been chanting about Power BI and Power Query since he moved to his new home in the Chicago area in early 2016. As a Director at Avanade’s global CoE, Gil is helping Fortune 500 clients create modern self-service analytics capability and solutions by leveraging Power BI and Azure. You can contact Gil at [email protected]. Read Gil’s book to reduce your data-prep time from 60% to 0% and empower your organization in self-service analytics. View my LinkedIn profile Connect with Gil Find Gil’s MVP Profile or other MVPs here.


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  2. Ron MVP (2012-2018) Reply

    In your Excel Security for Analysts series, indexed on this page:

    There is a 4th article
    Transform Multiline Records Into A Table 2016 01 03 Gil Raviv
    This page refers to the series.
    The second article:
    includes a link to it at the bottom

    but the Transform Multiline article is not directly linked or mentioned in the series.

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