DataChant Gallery

Welcome to DataChant Gallery! This page showcases old Power BI dashboards that were demonstrated on DataChant during 2016 – 2017. Some of these reports are available for subscribers, others can be purchased here.

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All the data in the dashboards below is authentic and public. It can be obtained by Power BI and Excel without any help from your IT organization or any expensive Software Development outsourcing.

Twitter Analytics

The Twitter Analytics report compares competing brands on Twitter. Analyze the sentiment of your social team’s messaging or the mentions of your audience.

Twitter Analytics Report on Power BI
Twitter Analytics Report on Power BI

Analyze your brand’s followers

This report analyzes Followers by influence and location, and group them by key phrases according to their profile description. Click here to view the report in full screen. Learn more here.

Analyze Twitter Followers with Power BI
Analyze Twitter Followers with Power BI

Facebook Analytics Dashboards

Check out our latest comparison between Netflix, HBO, Hulu and Amazon Videos. Who gets more Likes?

2016 Presidential Race – Analyzing high-volume pages

We continue with three Facebook analytics dashboards on the US presidential race.

The first dashboard showcases Facebook Reaction Analysis (Like, Wow, Love, Haha, Sad, Angry). You can have this dashboard on ANY Facebook page including your competitors.

Storytelling your data

The second dashboard reveals an amazing storytelling experience. You can click the play button of the Pulse Chart, and watch different top posts popping ups, based on the selections you make.

Sentiment Analysis

The third dashboard introduces Sentiment Analysis of Trump’s and Clinton’s Facebook posts. You can have such a dashboard on your Facebook pages, your fans’ comments, your competitors, or any other textual feed.

US Banks

In this dashboard, you can see a competitive analysis report that compares competing US banks. Click on the next page cursor below to see more insights, including some stunningly insightful findings on the banks’ popularity among different immigrant groups

BMO Harris Bank – Social Analytics

In this dashboard, we analyze a specific bank, based on public Facebook data. There are 5 reports in this dashboard, flip through the pages below to view some cool visuals.

Competitive Analysis

Here we compare three competing brands in the self-service BI domain. Flip to the next page of the report to see more insights.