Mailchimp in Power BI – New version

Last week we published a new version of our Mailchimp Power BI App: Analytics for Mailchimp (previously known as “Mailchimp Email Marketing”). The app is available on Microsoft AppSource.

Analytics for Mailchimp is a Power BI app that connects to your Mailchimp account and analyzes the performance of your campaigns. An active Mailchimp account is needed to import the data. You can explore the various pages on the left sidebar to analyze different aspects of your campaign, including campaign performance, subscriber growth rate, tagged audiences, unsubscription reasons, member analytics, and much more. The app enables interactive views on crucial email marketing KPIs such as open rates, CTR (Clickthrough Rate), and CTOR (Click-to-Open Rate).

The app can act as a Mailchimp connector. Its semantic model can be used as a source to other Power BI reports and Excel workbooks.

What’s new in version 1013

  • A new 30-day trial without refresh limits: During the trial, you can load all your Mailchimp data (unlike the previous version that loaded limited data only). You automatically get a 30-day trial after you start refreshing the app. There is no need to enter any email address. When the trial is over you can subscribe here and activate the app.
  • New page: Subscriber Growth Rates: Analyze how your audience grows with month-over-month and year-over-year calculations and an improved calendar table that includes weeks.
  • Faster refresh time for key tables:
  • Improved filtering logic: In the previous version, you needed to apply fixed dates to load data. In this version, you can load all data or keep the data fresh by selecting how many months to load.
  • Improved normalized contacts: We added custom fields for job title, company, address fields, age, and gender.

Learn more here.

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