Power BI Custom Visuals Downloads

We released a tool to help you bulk-download all of the Power BI custom visuals from Microsoft AppSource, to help you gain control of the repository of custom visuals for your organization.

The tool is available to download here. The free version of the tool will allow you to download the 20 recent visuals and their artifacts (including sample PBIX files and visual thumbnails). The paid version will allow you to bulk-download all visuals. When you subscribe to the paid version, you get also access to the paid version of our Power BI app – Custom Visuals Exploration Tool that allows you to analyze all visuals.

To download all Power BI Custom Visuals from Microsoft AppSource follow the instructions below:

  1. Save the workbook in a local folder and open, and open it using Excel. This tool downloads the visuals and their related artifacts in the same folder you stored the open the workbook.
  2. Subscribe here to activate All Visuals Mode which will allow you to download all visuals.  You can skip this step to stay in Free Mode to download only the 20 most recent visuals.
  3. In License Key or Subscription Email cell, enter the license key you received or the email you used during the subscription. If you wish to stay in Free Mode, keep the value none.
  4. In Data tab, click Refresh All, or enter Ctrl + Alt + F5. Wait until the refresh is complete
  5. In Visuals Summary sheet, you can find the refresh results with a summary of the Power BI visuals.
  6. Click the Download button to start the download. You can see the download progress in the status bar.

Full instructions can be found in the workbook itself.

If you don’t need the latest refresh of the custom visuals from AppSource, you can use our community GitHub repo here to download all visuals and their artifacts.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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