GitHub Repository for Power BI Custom Visuals

We have just published a new resource on GutHub for the Power BI community to allow Power BI developers and administrators to access Power BI custom visuals outside Microsoft AppSource for automation and other purposes.

In this blog post, we will delve into the PowerBI-Visuals-AppSource repository. We hope it can be an invaluable resource for anyone involved with Power BI. It offers a complete directory of custom visuals, including information about publishers, legal terms, privacy agreements, support links, and more. If you have any inquiries about this repository, you can contact DataChant here.

FAQ: Addressing Your Common Queries

General Questions

  • Source of Files: The Power BI Custom Visuals in this repository are from Microsoft AppSource and are periodically exported using a Microsoft API.
  • Update Frequency: The repository isn’t always up-to-date. For the latest custom visuals, visit Microsoft AppSource or contact DataChant for bulk downloads. Depending on the demand, we will set up monthly or weekly updates.

For Power BI Developers

  • Before you start: Please follow Microsoft’s terms of use, as well as the publishers’. The custom visuals, sample report files, and thumbnails were not developed by DataChant. Contact the publisher for support of any specific visual.
  • Learning About Custom Visuals: Discover more about each custom visual on AppSource or by contacting the publishers directly. For an analysis of all Custom Visuals, try our Custom Visuals Exploration Tool here.

For Power BI Administrators

  • Organizational Visuals: This repository is beneficial for controlling versions and auditing custom visuals before sharing them within an organization. Learn more about Organizational Visuals here.

For Publishers

  • Contributing and Managing Custom Visuals: If you are a publisher, you can join as a contributor to announce updates or request here that we move your custom visuals from this repository.

We hope you find this repository useful. If you have any suggestions or use cases that we can support, please contact us here.

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