Power BI Apps on AppSource – Exploration Tool

We have released today a new version of the Template Apps Exploration Tool app on AppSource. The new app is now labeled as Power BI Apps on AppSource – Exploration Tool.

This is the only Power BI app that analyzes all the Power BI apps on AppSource. You can install the app here.

The free version of the app loads only the latest 20 apps. The full version lifts this limitation. Subscribe here to get the full version.

What’s new in the latest version (Version 1016)?

  • The free version refreshes the last 20 recent apps. Subscribe to the full version to load all apps.
  • You can watch the publishers’ videos from the app by clicking the Video thumbnail
  • Drill through any app and see the full app description and screenshots on the details app page
  • We added NPS and CSAT scores based on existing 1-star to 5-star distribution data

Learn more about the app here.