Compare data in Excel with Power BI

Do you need to detect changes or errors between two revisions of mission-critical Excel workbooks? Would it be awesome if you could do it without the need to open the files every time?

In 2021, we released a Power BI app, called Excel Compare. Due to its high demand (It is now ranked #32 in popularity), we have simplified the setup and added free and paid tiers to better support the users. The app can be installed in seconds in your Power BI account. It is now available on AppSource with a new name: Compare data in Excel. We hope you like the new logo.

With the new app, the free version is limited to one-sheet comparisons. To lift the limits, you can subscribe to the full version. You can get an annual subscription and get the Power BI report file (PBIX) to customize the app, and run it from Power BI desktop.

The app compares two Excel files of your choosing and detects differences and errors in cells across all the matching sheets. You can track changes and automatically audit your spreadsheets. Store the revisions of an Excel workbook on a SharePoint site or OneDrive for Business folder, and the app can automatically detect the latest two files and track changes and errors.

The app includes the following features:

  • Comparison of two Excel files, by placing them in a folder on SharePoint Online or OneDrive for Business
  • Dynamically selection of two files from a folder or multiple folders with matching substrings of folders and filenames
  • No need to open the files with your Excel on your desktop. Files remain unlocked during reading
  • Interactive report pages to slice and dice changes in cells, errors, and missing or new sheets, rows, and columns
  • Cell comparison by row/column coordinates across the matching worksheets in the workbooks
  • Efficient and smart detection of blank columns and rows
  • Scheduled refreshes in Power BI service to track changes and errors automatically

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