Mailchimp App: New Features

This week we released a major update to the Mailchimp app on AppSource here and included 5 new report pages.

What’s New?

  • Member Analysis: A new page to analyze audience by members’ open rates, CTR and 5-stars rating.
  • Member Details Activity: A new page to analyze members’ activity by campaigns. Select a specific campaign and see the members that opened and clicked it. Note: The free version loads only the last 100 activity records. You can upgrade the app to the paid version to load all records (Based on the campaigns that were sent after the date specified by the dataset parameter Campaigns Sent Since).
  • Members: A new page for export scenarios: All members including the merged fields: company, job title, gender, age and activity fields count of opens, open rate, count of clicks, and click rate (CTR).
  • Members – Decomposition Tree: A new page for member analysis using a decomposition tree.
  • Members Merge Fields: A new page to review all merge fields (these are the custom member fields on Mailchimp).Analyze the distribution of members by the merge fields and their values.

Here is an embedded version of the app with demo data, you can flip through the different pages using the right arrow button:

For full instructions go here.

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