Power BI Template Apps Tool Update

Hello! My name is Maya. I’m a rising sophomore at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign studying Molecular and Cellular Biology. You can find me on Linkedin here. I joined DataChant to explore the data analytics world before I immerse in biology research next year — this is clearly very new to me, which makes it all the more exciting. After weeks of working and studying, I am thrilled to share with you my first project at DataChant: the new update of the Power BI Template Apps Exploration Tool.

The Power BI Template Apps Exploration Tool (install it here) helps you to explore all the Power BI apps that are publicly available in AppSource and their publishers, as well as their perspective performances. Features in the report help AppSource publishers assess how their app is perceived compared to others using a ranking system. In the past, this ranking factored in the average ratings and the number of raters. The new update introduces a new measure to this comparison: app popularity.

DataChant is committed to providing best-of-breed Power BI apps. We are delighted to announce that DataChant is the second most popular publisher on AppSource for Power BI apps. If we exclude Microsoft from the list – we are actually the first! Needless to say, we are incredibly grateful. We will continue to work diligently to provide prevalent, practical, and informative content.

What’s New in the App?

On the first page of the update, I included a bar chart that organizes publishers by their apps’ popularity. I also added a play axis to allow you to play through the report one publisher at a time.

I also added a page to the report that breaks down the different industries and categories found on AppSource, a new feature that we are especially excited about. On the Categories & Industries page, you can find a bar chart that shows how many apps are in each category or industry, as well as what is the popularity of each classification. This feature will allow you to compare different categories and industries in terms of their prevalence in AppSource and in terms of popularity, all at the same time.

Another exciting feature in the report can be found in the new Rating Summary page, where you can now see the star distribution of each individual app on AppSource. You can also examine the star distributions of different AppSource categories, as well as those of the top five publishers (determined by number of apps published).

On the Word Cloud page, there is now a new word cloud that is based on the app’s keywords. You can now navigate between the description-based cloud and the keywords-based cloud with the click of a button.

I hope the update is useful and insightful. If you have any issues with the update, contact us here. I would appreciate your help in writing a review here.

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