Mailchimp App: New Features

This week we released an update to the Mailchimp app on AppSource here and included two new report pages and parameters to speed up the import by limiting the refresh to recent data.

On the new Content Analysis page, you can analyze the effect of subject length, the number of words, and the number of links on open rates, CTR, and CTOR. By default, you will have the last two scatter charts empty. To be able to load this data in the report refresh, enter TRUE as the value of the new Import Content parameter.

To avoid refresh timeouts when you work with a very large number of campaigns or members, we have added two new parameters: Campaigns Sent Since and Members Modified Since. Set these parameters with dates in the format YYYY-MM-DD to load only recently sent campaigns or recently modified members.

Note: When set to TRUE, the refresh time will significantly increase as the app extracts more content per campaign.

On the second new page, Content Search, you can search for specific keywords in the campaigns’ email bodies, and explore the relevant campaigns. When the Import Content parameter is FALSE, you will be able to search for keywords in the email subject line only.

Here is an embedded version of the app with demo data, you can flip through the different pages using the right arrow button:

For full instructions go here.

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