ActiveCampaign app v2

I released an updated version of the ActiveCampaign free Power BI app on Microsoft AppSource. The new version includes a new page for contacts by tags. You can get the new app here.

To review the new page, take a look at the embedded version of the app below that analyzes DataChant’s own ActiveCampaign and the different contact tags we have gained over time. Each time a user installs one of our apps from Microsoft AppSource, an automation tags the user, so we know how many installed the apps over time.

Would you like to get a customized version of this app for your business or do you miss some functionality? Contact me here.


    • Gil Raviv Post authorReply

      That is a fantastic idea! The Power BI template apps don’t support
      any bundling with Power Automate, but on my own version I can build something for demo purposes.

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