A gift from DataChant

In the past two years, I released 5 Power BI apps on AppSource. You can take a look here. To celebrate the milestone of releasing the latest ActiveCampaign app and for reaching 20K unique installers across all apps (with ~150 daily new users), I am going to email you a special gift: A Power BI report that analyzes influencers and tweets of Power BI’s, Tableau’s, and Qlik’s Twitter accounts in the last 7 days.

How can you get this .pbix report file? If you subscribed to DataChant or installed one of the apps, or will subscribe to DataChant or install one of the apps in the future, an automated email will be sent to you with the report within 24 hours.

Here are few screenshots from the report:

A refreshable version of this report will be available soon on DataChant shop for users with a Twitter developer account.


  1. Varun BG Reply

    Hi Gil,

    Unfortunately Microsoft(outlook) recognized the email as spam\phish(as the words used in subject line looks like that of a typical hacker) and outlook prevents review:
    “Prevented phish messages” and most company’s IT(security) team has rigid restrictions

    Just wanted to share – so that you are aware, Please ignore this message if it is of less important to you.

    • Gil Raviv Post authorReply

      Hi Varun,
      Thank you for letting me know. Were you able to get it eventually? I can send you an email with a less dramatic subject line 🙂

  2. Thomas Day Reply

    Hi Gil,
    As a regular reader I do love your stuff. I am particularly impressed by the embedded power bi “mini” reports. They are very effective but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to do this unless I subscribe to a premium workspace. It’s pricey if I would only use it for the purpose of a website display. Can you point me to a way to figure this out.
    Cheers and thank you,

  3. Jeromy B Haggerty Reply

    The download I received did not contain a .pbix file. BTW… Thanks for your book. I believe it is saving me so many headaches I didn’t even know I would have when I first started.

    • Gil Raviv Post authorReply

      Hi Jeromy,
      Thank you for sharing. Would you consider writing a book review on Amazon?
      Did you receive a ZIP file? If you see multiple files in it, instead of the pbix file, please rename the extension of the ZIp file to PBIX and open it again with Power BI Desktop.

  4. Thomas Day Reply

    No, at the top of the page the twitter analysis appears to be an active power bi model with report pages . Is this embedded without the use of a premium workspace?

    • Gil Raviv Post authorReply

      Yes. I used the “Publish to Web” feature. Please note that I did use Premium per User for another reason – the sentiment analysis in Power Query.

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