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With Microsoft AppSource you can find the right app for your organization’s needs and get solutions that fit your industry and Microsoft products you already use. But while it is easy to find apps on the official portal, I thought it would only make sense to allow you an alternative (and perhaps even easier) way to do it. On a Power BI report.

Introducing a new Power BI App from DataChant…

I am happy to share with you the first release of Apps on AppSource – Exploration Tool, which is available for free here (You would need a Power BI Pro license to activate it).


Click here or just go to the AppSource site, search for “AppSource” and click on Apps on AppSource – Exploration Tool.

Click GET IT NOW, and follow the instructions to install the app. Note that you would need to log in using your Microsoft work account to instantiate the app on your Power BI service.

Once the app is installed. Go the the new app in the Apps section of Power BI service and click on its tile. In the Get started screen, click Connect, to set up your report to refresh daily.

Click Next to connect to Apps Catalaog on Microsoft AppSource.

Click Sign in. Note: you don’t need to provide any account information at this stage. The data is publicly available.

You are ready to go. This app is a Power BI Template App. You can read more about template apps here. You will now have a workspace where you can make changes to the report and an App to share with your colleagues.

Find the app under Apps on Power BI

Main View

From the main view of the app, you can search and filter for apps by products, publishers, or app name. You can see top products and publishers by the number of apps or find the most favored publisher.

In the table view, you can highlight a specific app to read its description on the tooltip or click on the app image or title to navigate to the app on AppSource. You can also click the Video or Help hyperlinks to browse to the relevant app resources.

WordCloud View

In the Word Cloud view (The second page of the report), you can search for a specific publisher or app and find the main keywords of the app description. By searching for a specific keyword, and then see the main keywords in the Word Cloud, you can find apps that are relevant to your use case.

Publisher View Drill-through

From the main view, you can right-click on one of the publisher bars, and in the shortcut-down menu select Drill-through and then Publisher to navigate to the corresponding Publisher page.

In the publisher drill-through page, you can explore all the apps that were developed by the publisher; find the top Microsoft products these apps were designed for; or find common keywords. You can click the back button on the top-left corner to go back to the main page.

Analyze in Excel

From the App, you can bring the data to Excel and connect live to the dataset. Click Export and then Analyze in Excel.

Open the download file.

Start building PivotTables and PivotCharts by all the vailable columns in the data.

To view a public web version of the report, click here.

To support DataChant, or If you are interested to get the source code (the Power BI report pbix file), you can purchase it here.

If you find bugs or have ideas for the next version of this app, please share in the comments below or contact me at gilra@datachant.com.

Three bugs were identified and the fix is available on AppSource:

  1. Only 11,000 apps were loaded out of the 12,881.
  2. Some apps (Mainly Dynamics apps) were missing hyperlinks.
  3. Slow load of the main table visual.

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