Custom Visuals Exploration Tool – New version

Due to a recent change in Microsoft AppSource (undocumented) API, two of my Power BI Apps, Custom Visuals Exploration Tool (here), and the Template Apps Exploration Tool (here) stopped showing any data when you refresh the report. You will get the following page after the refresh.

I have published a fix to this issue (Kudos to Bryan Campbell for discovering the fix). You can now download the latest Custom Visuals Exploration Tool from AppSource here and the Power BI Template Apps here to get it back to work.

Beyond the fix, the new reports include the shadow feature which was announced in May 2020.

If you are tired of exploring custom visuals or Power BI apps in the “traditional” way, you will find these apps very useful. The app can also help you to find the top publishers and their rank. To learn how I calculated the ranking, you would need to buy the .pbix files here and here 🙂


  1. Anonymous Reply

    It’s not a bug if somebody else breaks your code… 😉

    Keep up the great work Gil!

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