Join my live tutorial with Power BI product group

Sep 1st, 2020 update:

Here is the recording of the first session.

The Microsoft Power BI team will have me as a guest speaker tomorrow (8/20 2pm ET) for a live tutorial on building a COVID-19 dashboard in Power BI. Learn more about the session here. I am looking forward to having you.

For this special occasion, I have made some improvements to the COVID-19 Power BI app on AppSource. The new version will be released soon and will include new pages with small multiples and dynamic running averages (see screenshots below). The app will be available on Microsoft AppSource here. Until its ready, you can install the current version from the same link.

If you build Power BI reports for your business and need to incorporate COVID-19 data in your reports, you can now use the Johns Hopkins University data source for commercial purposes with the right attribution as described below.

If you are looking to incorporate COVID-19 data with return-to-work enterprise initiatives in your organization and would like to get the Power BI report file that I used for the app above, please contact me here.


  1. Dries THEUWISSEN Reply

    Dear Mr. Raviv, I tried to download the COVID-19 app for Power BI from Appsource, but Appsource has switched off the registering of new accounts. So I cannot use my school account and I have no access to the app. Is there another way to donwload the app? Many thanks, Dries. Belgium.

    • Gil Raviv Post authorReply

      Can you access the Power BI service? I can share the installation link to the app.

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