FastTrack Recognized Solution Architect

In case you watched the MBAS virtual summit sessions, you might saw me in minute 11:11 of the keynote session here. I was recently recognized by Microsoft as a Fast Track Solution Architect (Find all recognized Power Platform architects here). According to Microsoft, and I quote: “This prestigious recognition is conferred by the Power Platform product engineering team for consistently exhibiting deep architecture expertise and creating high-quality solutions for customers during project engagements.”

I would like to thank Microsoft, Avanade, and my clients for the opportunity to work together to build enterprise-grade analytics solutions with Power BI. As I keep chanting – Power BI is not just a data visualization tool. I hope that this recognition can serve as evidence that a new generation of architects is ready out there to utilize the Power BI platform and streamline organizations’ insights in unprecedented efficiency and value.

So, if you know Power BI as a visualization tool and want to leap to the next level, it’s time to start learning Power Query and DAX and understand the bigger ecosystem that will allow you to scale your Power BI solution in the enterprise. Yes, you can be a Power BI architect.

Since I was always bad at sports (never had trophies as a kid – except for Chess – and that didn’t help at the time to boost my ego) I hope you will be OK if I introduce you to my trophy shelf.

Thank you all for supporting my work!


  1. Gary Clutterbuck Reply

    Congratulations on your fantastic achievement. I love reading your posts and your book has been very helpful.

  2. Anonymous Reply

    Gil, the recognition from Microsoft is great. It’s been a pleasure getting to know you. I am looking forward to working with you on future projects.

  3. Anonymous Reply

    Congrats Gil – I always get a lot out of your posts.
    Much appreciate your time & contributions.

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