COVID-19 App on AppSource

May 15, 2020 Update: The refresh issue is fixed. You can install the new Power BI App to get it working here.

Following the COVID-19 tutorials here, I decided to release the COVID-19 dashboard as a Power BI Template App on Microsoft AppSource. Download it here. If you already installed it last week, it’s time to try the newer version.

(If you are new to Power BI, you can learn here about Power BI Template Apps.).

The latest version of the COVID-19 app was released on April 12, 2020. You can install and share it in your organization as an editable app, or connect to the live dataset that is refreshable on the service and build your own reports. The report includes advanced time-intelligence measures to analyze the curve and offset all countries or US states by the number of cases per capita by day since 100 confirmed cases were reported. You can also test the Play Axis to see the progression over the last 30 days.

  • In the previous version, you could only analyze countries. Now you can also analyze US states and counties.
  • Analyze provinces/states in China, Canada, and Australia.
  • Analyze the curve with a 5-day running average.
  • New background with a 3D-effect.
  • Data Source: Johns Hopkins

Here are some screenshots of the new app:

And here is the public version, in case you are not permitted to install the Apps from AppSource or don’t have a Power BI account.

I plan to publish soon more tutorials with step-by-step instructions to build a similar Power BI report/dashboard. I will also speak in Power BI user groups (e.g. Chicago, Minneapolis, Milwaukee) to share relevant tips and tricks, so please follow me on Twitter for updates.

Stay safe!


    • Gil Raviv Post authorReply

      This is right. All Power BI Apps require a Pro license.

  1. Tiago Jose Marciano Reply

    Hi Gil, congratulations!

    Could you help me with the metric used on the chart per day. (0 – 50 – 100) active cases?

  2. Tiago Jose Marciano Reply

    Ok tks! I just wanted to understand how you did it to display on the x axis (Days since Coronavirus started).

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