Meet the Bad-Practice Power BI Astronaut

The Community Summit was postponed to June 29 – July 2 due to the Coronavirus worldwide concerns. So, I have plenty of time to prepare for my session. I don’t like to keep things in the oven for a long time – so I decided to share with you a few of my slides. Subscribe to DataChant here get the PPTX file of the slides below.

Warning: Following the bad recommendations in the slides below may be dangerous.

Subscribe here to DataChant to download the PPTX file from the subscriber folder (filename: Power BI Bad-Practice Astronaut.pptx). The PPTX version includes a cool 3D animated version of the astronaut (a feature that is available in Office365 and is animated in display mode with PowerPoint desktop).

You are welcome to use the deck or the pictures above with your colleagues to share bad practices in Power BI (and hope that it will help to prevent it). Please keep the DataChant logo when you share these slides and give credit to Nasa and me 🙂

To read more articles in the series of Bad Practices in Power BI go here. If you have ideas for new slides I should include for the bad-practice astronaut or if you want to share screenshots of badly-designed reports and even win a prize, please contact me at

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