New Year Resolution – Let’s dispel the misconception that #PowerBI is a #DataViz Tool

This is an end of year followup for the last article of the Series Bad Practices In Power BI.

I was thrilled to see the reactions to my last article and was deeply touched by your responses. Power BI is not just an awesome data visualization tool, and if you know colleagues, clients or stakeholders in your projects who are still not aware of its true powers, it’s time to take action.

As a new resolution for 2020, let’s dispel the misconception that Power BI is a data visualization tool and fight to become true data culture game-changers within our organizations as we learn and teach how to utilize Power BI to meet its true potential.

Share this Infographics poster to spread awareness.

Do you want to share your story and help us dispel this misconception? Contact me at

Happy holidays and new year 🙂

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