Power BI Template Apps Exploration Tool

Since the release of Power BI Template Apps, more than 50 new apps have joined the marketplace. It’s about time we would be able to search for template apps in a new way – in our own Power BI report that can be installed as a Template App – and not just by searching for apps on AppSource or through the Get Data user flow in the service.

Following the success of my first app, Custom Visuals Exploration Tool, I am happy to share with you a new template app that I just released on AppSource – Template Apps Exploration Tool.

You can find and install the new template app on AppSource here.

How can this template app help you?

As a publisher of content apps, you can now see how well your app is doing in comparison to other publishers. The report ranks all apps by combining their average rate and the number of raters. You can see the top publishers by rank or number of published template apps.

Currently, AppSource includes the old content packs as well. According to Microsoft here, “all previous content packs will be either deprecated or replaced by the brand-new template app experience”. So, I included a slicer in the report to allow you to separately view the new template apps and old content packs. If you are responsible for Power BI governance in your organization, you may want to ensure that nobody in your Power BI tenant relies on one of the old content packs for mission-critical reports. To find the content packs, click on “Old Content Packs” in the slicer, or just view the items with the yellow exclamation mark.

Once you filter the report to show the New Template App you can find the top 3 reports by DataChant and Havens Consulting. Click on any of the hyperlinks in the table to go directly to the relevant template apps and install them from AppSource (Note: The Facebook Pages – Basic Analysis app is still having issues connecting to public Facebook pages. Learn more here).

I hope you find it useful. If you install this app and have issues, you contact me at support@datachant.com. I would appreciate your help in writing a review here. Ten reviewers will win the Power BI report file (.pbix) – If the review is not anonymous and you contact me by email.

You can purchase the Power BI report file (.pbix) here to find out how I calculated the ranking and how I imported the data from AppSource.

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