My MVP 2019-2020 Award

Last week I was re-awarded as a Microsoft MVP (This is the third year now) and I am so grateful. The Microsoft Most Valuable Professional award is a unique program (Learn more about the program here). Being MVP has opened so many opportunities for me and allowed me to meet and collaborate with amazing people on the journey for knowledge.

Take a look at the embedded Power BI report below to find the new and re-awarded MVPs for 2019-2020. If you are a new or a re-awarded MVP, you can get this Power BI report file, and modify it with your promoted profile. Learn more here.

To thank you properly I have a proposal. Write me in the comments below or by email ( a challenging data transformation problem, and I will select 10 of the problems and help you resolve them. In return, I will request your permission to share the problem and solution on DataChant.

I am looking forward for another great year. Let’s have fun together with Power Query and Power BI.


  1. Michel de Rooij Reply

    Hi Gil, Your model doesn’t take into account people who have been awarded in more than one category. Example: OA&S, it says 476 while there are 491 awardees.

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