Be a Power Platform Jedi – @PBIUserGroup Webinar

It is always fun to share Star Wars demos. I was invited yesterday to present in a webinar of Power BI User Group about the Power Platform. You can watch the recording here.

During the webinar, we walked through several live demonstrations that showcase the true force of the Power Platform. In the first demo, I showed a Power BI realtime dashboard that leads the audience into a survey (using the QR code). As the attendees answer the survey their results are shown in realtime in this dashboard:

You are welcome to answer the survey here.

Later on, we protected the galactic starport, and introduced two layers of security to detect Sith intruders using Twitter #SithDetector, Microsoft Flow Approvals and

And that was just the beginning. To learn more, watch the webinar recording here.

You can download the deck here, and get the Power BI report we built to measure the characters BMI from here.

Hope you enjoy the session.

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