My First Template App – #PowerBI Custom Visuals Exploration Tool is released on AppSource

Microsoft released the new Template Apps recently, and I am extremely happy to share my first App with you. It is publicly available on Microsoft AppSource. You can now explore Power BI Custom visuals via my Power BI Template App, and share it with your end-users in your organization for free from here.

Do you extensively work with Power BI Custom Visuals? The Power BI report in my Template App connects to Microsoft AppSource to show all the Power BI Custom Visuals which are publicly available on the marketplace. You can publish this report in your tenant and have it always* up to date using a scheduled refresh. You can export the report data to Excel or use Analyze in Excel Add-In to connect to its dataset, and work with the raw data (e.g. export the list of pbiviz files, pbix sample reports, release date, versions, thumbnail URLs, certified/uncertified visuals).

What are the three features that I like the most? You can drill down to certified and uncertified Custom Visuals, and find the latest visuals that were just released. I also like to click the Play axis and see the visuals over time – It is just cool as a demo.

You can easily install the Template App for free from this link. But you don’t need to bookmark this blog post to find it next time. DataChant Custom Visuals Exploration Tool can be found on AppSource. Go to and search for “Custom Visuals” or “DataChant”. You will find it in the search results.

You can also find the template app in the AppSource Apps sections, when you search for “Custom Visuals”. It is currently the first 🙂

From the Custom Visuals Exploration Tool (Preview) page you can click GET IT NOW to install the Template App in your Power BI service. To learn more about the new Template Apps in Power BI go here.

While this Template App is available for free, here are several limitations:

  1. The pbix file is not available to download. While you can share the report as an App in your organization, the pbix file is not offered to download via the workspace. You can purchase it here or find other relevant tools here such as the bulk download of Custom Visuals and the scanner of custom visuals in existing reports.
  2. The report is based on queries in Power BI that perform web scraping of AppSource. This version of the Template App will be supported by the scheduled refresh of Power BI as long as Microsoft make no significant changes to the HTML format of AppSource. Once a breaking change occurs, I will make my best to release a new template. You can also purchase a warranty and ensure I send you the latest pbix report with ongoing fixes. Learn more here.

If you have any comments or suggestions, please write it below. If you liked my Template App, please write a review here.

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