The Impact of Power Query – Survey Results

Recently I shared with you a survey here and asked you to estimate the impact of Power Query: How much time does Power Query save you in a year? How much money do you save for your organization? Can you estimate how many people worldwide use Power Query, and how many don’t use it, but can benefit from it?

As promised, here are the results:

From the initial 128 respondents, I removed 13 outliers and kept a total of 115 respondents. The results show that on average users saved 22% of their time thanks to Power Query (The total saved time was 56 days out of 250 working days in a year). While the basic user saves 37 days a year, the moderate user saves 81% more days and reaches a total of 67 days a year.

The average Power Query user saves $372K for his organization. While basic Power Query users save only an average of $35K for their organization, the moderate Power Query users save $415K, which is almost 12 times more!

When you divide the average saved dollars by the total saved days, you see that for each saved day, the basic user of Power Query saves $4.46K/day; the moderate user saves $5.6K/day, the advanced user saves $9.5K/day, and the Power Query M Ninja saves $11.1K/day.

Finally, as a crowd intelligence exercise, I asked the respondents to estimate how many users use Power Query worldwide (Not just in their organization), and how many users are not using it, but can benefit from Power Query. Averaging all the respondents’ estimations, our crowd intelligence exercise estimates a total of 2.19M Power Query users, with a potential to reach 75.70M more users (and reach a total of 77.89M users). So, the adoption of Power Query is currently estimated as reaching 2.8% of its true potential.

What does it tell us? If large organizations are currently utilizing only 2.8% of Power Query potential (as reflected by the adoption % estimated above), these organizations will save an average of $13.28M once Power Query will be fully adopted ($13.28M = $372K x 100/2.8).

I hope that these results will motivate you to improve your Power Query skills and spread the word about Power Query in your organization. And I hope that my book can help you reach there.

If you work in a large organization and need help to increase the adoption of Power Query and Power BI, reach me at


  1. David Reply

    RE: If large organizations are currently utilizing only 2.8% of Power Query potential (as reflected by the adoption % estimated above)

    Gil – Great survey idea & result telling.
    I sometime wondered why some of my colleagues at a couple Big Oil did not use Power Query when it’s already available on their desktop? Maybe they’re using Spotfire or something like that.

    I found nirvana_moksh’s comment to be re-assuring that PBI is very useful to learn.
    Re: Is power BI the right tool?

    Thanks Gil! for the book and Bonus tips. Learning something new every week.

    David B

  2. Jordan Reply

    Can you please show your data model for this dashboard and how you structured your data in PowerQuery to get this output? I am struggling to do this type of dashboard for my own survey data, because most PowerQuery examples look at sales data and not survey data, and so I get lost in how that translates to my data.

    1. How you go from CSV to Power Query data tables (this is really needed)
    2. Final data model and relationships
    3. DAX measures you use
    4. What you put in the fields to get your visuals


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