Reader’s Corner for the new #PowerQuery Book

A quick update:

The print version of the book will be released by October 30 (originally I wrote October 23, sorry guys). From then it may take few extra days to reach the major distribution centers.

There are some data sync glitches on Amazon right now, so you may not find the book under Amazon Prime, and the prices are higher than in Microsoft Press Store. It will be fixed soon.

For now, you can find the best price here:
Collect, Combine, and Transform Data Using Power Query in Excel and Power BI

To help readers, I created a new landing page for all the new resources that are available for the new book. The new page includes references to a new Q&A book resource, and a collection of new exercises that will be soon published here.

You can always access the landing page for the book in the Book menu above.

The Q&A page is open for everyone to ask questions and answer others’ questions as well. Please don’t use it for technical questions that are not discussed in the book. For general Power Query questions, please use the public forums. The goal of the Q&A is to serve the readers of the book. Hope you will understand 🙂

For the early birds who completed reading the digital version of the book, I will appreciate your feedback in the comments below and on Amazon’s book reviews here.

Have a wonderful weekend.

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