Power BI Custom Visuals Scanner – Governance Tool

Does your company plan to disable Power BI Custom Visuals, or allow only visuals from the organizational store? Do you need to detect all legacy or v1.1 obsolete custom visuals in your reports? You can run this Power BI Custom Visuals Scanner report on an input folder in which you placed all Power BI report files (.pbix), and detect the reports that use Custom Visuals, by their name, version, API version and much more.

You can also use this report, as an auditing tool for corporate BI projects. Whenever a set of Power BI reports should be updated in the Power BI service by the developer teams, you can inspect these reports to ensure that only organizational visuals are used.

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  1. Download the ZIP file Custom Visuals Scanner.zip, and extract it.
  2. Run the Custom Visuals.pbit using the latest Power BI Desktop.
  3. In the Custom Visuals Scanner dialog box, provide the path where your Power BI report files are located, and select Load.

Load dialog box for Power BI Custom Visuals Scanner

The Custom Visuals Scanner will analyze all the .pbix files in the input folder and any subfolder, and detect the custom visuals that are used, by report name, custom visual name, version, and API version. In addition, the report will warn you of the use of custom visuals with depracated API version 1.1 or below on any of your reports, and show you which external javascript files are used in the visuals to help you mitigate security and privay risks (read more here).

A screenshot of Power BI Custom Visuals Scanner Report

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