Microsoft MVP Award 2018-2019

I was excited and humbled tonight to receive this special email from Microsoft:

Dear Gil Raviv,

We’re once again pleased to present you with the 2018-2019 Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) award in recognition of your exceptional technical community leadership. We appreciate your outstanding contributions in the following technical communities during the past year:

  • Data Platform

Congratulations to all the new and renewed MVPs, and best of luck to those of you who will join MVP Reconnect. To find 2018-2019 MVPs, check out this report:

Are you an MVP? You can get your own free report, with your promoted profile and publish it in your blog (Learn more here).

According to the comparison of the search results at Microsoft official MVP site today vs June, we have a total of 3,017 MVPs for 2018-2019 award. Congratulations to all of you 🙂

Update: The total number of MVPs for 2018 – 2019 will be updated in the coming hours and days as new MVPs will be signing-in. There are currently 3033 MVPs in comparison to June’s 3,813 MVPs. So far, there are 37 new and 2,996 renewed MVPs.

Note: Results may be inaccurate, as they reflect the data that is available via the search results, and does not reflect any official data from Microsoft).

(Update: Added Churn Rates).

The table below shows the churn rate by award category (This table can show you the difficulty to get re-awarded by category). The table also includes the total number of MVPs in June 2018, and how many were not re-awarded. The toughest categories were Office Development, Access, Windows and Devices for IT and Visual Studio and Development Technologies.  Note: For simplicity reasons, the calculations are based on MVPs with a single award category.

Microsoft MVP Churn Rate by Award Category

Looking forward to collaborate with many of you this year – current, new and former MVPs.


  1. Rajender Reply

    Hi Gil,

    I am looking forward for your upcoming example in Power Query of SharePoint sub sites/Groups files imports. Also for cases where we have to lookup value from multiple tables in power Query based on value mentioned in cell. For example :- if week no. is less than 26 than lookup from table1 otherwise table2.

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