The Potential Impact of #PowerQuery – A Crowd Wisdom Survey

Answer this short survey to estimate the potential business impact of Power Query. Once you answer the survey, you can scroll down to review the results below. Over time, the wisdom of the crowd can help us figure out the real potential of Power Query. Please be honest in your answers.

You can share this link with your friends, colleagues and clients. The wisdom of the crowd will get better, as more respondents will answer.

Update (November 8th, 2018): I have turned off the realtime results to allow you to provide unbiased answers, and feature your story on DataChant. The results will be published by end of 2018.

Here are the current results, implemented with Microsoft Forms, Flow and Power BI Streaming dataset (Please answer the survey before you review the results).


Hope you find it useful.


  1. Mark Adams Reply

    Hi, I’ve been using Power Query for about 4 years and i use it every single day, I love it. My employer (50k+ employees) uses Google BigQuery, Tableau and RapidMiner as it’s preferred BI tools. After having used Power Query I find RapidMiner ‘awkward’ and so continue to use PQ instead. Later this month i will also be able to compare Tableau’s new Data Prep feature when IT update Tableau to version 2018.1.1. It looks as if it might be quite good, we’ll wait and see…

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