Happy Birthday and #PowerQuery Book Update

I am celebrating my birthday today, so I wanted to share with you a quick update about my book. It is now in production. You can already pre-order it here. Current release date is September 4, 2018.

The title of the book will change a bit: The new name is Collect, Transform and Combine data using Power Query in Excel and Power BI

(Can you find the differences?)

Here are some numbers about the book: The book manuscript has 400 pages, 14 chapters, 144 figures (screenshots and diagram flows), 71 exercises, and 200 resources and solution files (.xlsx and .pbix). I hope you are going to love it.



  1. Edh Reply

    Cannot wait. I hope your method of providing examples is to have one that is empty that we have to build, then a solution file if we get stuck.

    • Gil Raviv Reply

      Thank you Edh. The exercises are built for you to start with problem and the data sources. You can try to resolve it with a blank workbook or Power BI report, or read the step-by-step walk through that explain the solution. For those who like shortcuts, there are also solution files available to download.

  2. Pat Biggar Reply

    Thanks for the heads up Gil, just added to my MUST READ for this year, btw hope you had a great birthday

    • Gil Raviv Post authorReply

      Thank you Pat. It was a good birthday. I hope that the book will meet your expectations.

  3. Nick Osdale-Popa Reply

    Happy Birthday – look forward to your book. BTW, my birthday was June 9.

    • Gil Raviv Post authorReply

      Thank you Nick. Hope you had a good birthday-month.

  4. Kam Reply

    Hi Gil
    Is your book going to be based on new changes in UI coming to power query from October this year?

    • Gil Raviv Post authorReply

      No. The book is planned to be released next month. The book is not focused on trivial explanations of the UI, but on solving common real-life data challenges. As such, I don’t expect the new UI to make any difference. But I will monitor any gaps between the latest Power Query and the book closely and publish on my blog the clarification for any mismatch that we will found. Does it make sense?

      • K B

        Thats great Gil, I guess i can safely place the order πŸ™‚ will keep an eye on your blog posts in future as well.Thanks a lot for publishing your book on this subject.

  5. Nathan Reply

    Hi! Thank you for your blog. Will it be possible to get an Ebook version?

  6. asd Reply

    Does your book cover how to configure social media dashboards? including M query to extract likes and reactions?

    • Gil Raviv Post authorReply

      The book covers the retrieval of Facebook posts, comments and shares. Likes and reactions are not covered.

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