May the 4th be with You: Be a Full Stack #PowerBI Jedi

If you missed my webinar in February, today is a great opportunity to watch it, and practice your Power BI skills with Star Wars data:

Download the solution file (.pbix) here.

More resources:

Star Wars Challenge – Row Level Security in Power BI here.
Our source data is provided by SWAPI, The Star Wars API:


  1. TC Reply

    Hi Gil,

    Trying to learn PowerBI, and this is a great walkthrough, but as soon as I invoked the function, I got an error I couldn’t resolve…

    “Formula.Firewall: Query references other queries or steps, so it may not directly access a data source. Please rebuild this data combination.”

    When I download the solution, I get the same error in both ‘People’ and ‘Species’ queries.

    What might be happening here?


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