#PowerQuery is Back!

It was a long weekend, and I am still working on the final chapter of the book. Taking the latest screenshots for the first chapter, Introduction to Power Query.

If you follow DataChant, and know my history, you can imagine the sheer joy and surprise, as I just found out that Power Query is back in Excel. Early last month, you could find Power Query inside the Query Editor, which was renamed to Power Query Editor. But now, you can find Power Query in the Excel ribbon!!!

In Get Data, you can find the command Launch Power Query Editor, which in the past was hidden under Combine Queries, and named as Launch Query Editor.

Power Query is Back

Power Query is back!!!


  1. DanielS Reply

    Power Query is one of the most underappreciated data manipulation tools ! I’ve been using it since it appeared as an Excel 2010 add-on, for various unimaginable transformations\migrations\data cleansing\DB comparisons … unbelievably powerful and versatile tool.
    Good to see MS gives it its rightful place .

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