Influencers on Twitter and @IRE_NICAR

For the last two days, I have been with Microsoft Data Journalism Team in CAR conference. If you are a data journalist, Microsoft can help you (for free, by the way) to get your stories out. Learn more here.

Here is a report that I prepared for the conference, to grab some attention by the audience., and demonstrate how easy it is to embed Power BI in websites.

If you want to find about your potential influencers, you can order this report here.

Click on the links in the Tweet It column to tweet about the report and mention the chosen top influencer.

Clicking on the link, will lead you to Twitter, and the text below is populated dynamically by with the specific Follower handle, his/her rank and number of followers. Now you just need to sit and wait than one of the top infuencers will retweet your report, and from there, you can contact them to promote your brand.

Get your own report, with your top influencers here.


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