[Featured] The Business Intelligence Discipline: A Primer

In order to deliver Business Intelligence (BI), one must understand what BI is comprised of. Yet, there seems to be a lot of dissonance on what BI really means. Starting with its sole definition, people quite often tend to define BI as software — which is a fundamental mistake.

In this article, I introduce my view on the Business Intelligence discipline that I have promoted as the CTO of MedModus, which is a fundamental aspect on how we deliver value to our customers.

The discipline is comprised of five elements (i.e. industry know-how, methodology, software and technology, and data science) surrounding the main objective of improvement delivery. This short primer provides a brief introduction to these elements and objetive (the full article can be found here).

Industry know-how: Relates to the knowledge about the industry to which we are delivering business intelligence to. This is important in order to understand which the correct performance indicators to pursue.

Methodology: Deals with the management of resources and processes, such as the project management method adopted.

Architecture: Involves the technical aspects of delivering business intelligence, such as the architecture of the data warehouse, the related infrastructure and so on.

Software and Technology: Has to do with our knowledge of the software and other systems used to deliver business intelligence.

Data Science: Relates to the understanding of statistics and other scientific branches that must be applied in order to make proper sense of data and deliver the right information.

Improvement Delivery: The goal of delivery of improvement summaries the overall objective of pursuing business intelligence.

You can read more about this proposed Business Intelligence Discipline in my own personal blog.

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Pedro is the CTO of MedModus. An Irish business intelligence company specialised in delivering measurable benefits in the healthcare sector.

An applications architect with focus on cloud and business intelligence, Pedro holds two masters degrees. His major focus is on the convergence of business intelligence, cloud computing and big data, specially around cloud based service delivery and technology enablement. You can find more about Pedro on his own website.

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