#PowerBI vs #Tableau – The Ultimate Product Comparison Resource

Another exciting week for Power BI 🙂 If you attended Chicago Power BI World Tour, you know why. I am returning from a great event. Two packed days. Great discussions and sessions. And I even survived teaching advanced DAX (It’s difficult to have a one hour on such a topic).

Chicago Power BI World Tour

But more importantly, I was fortunate to meet so many smart people who share the same passion. Former colleagues from Microsoft, brothers-in-arms MVPs, and fantastic BI professionals from Chicago and midwest.


I wanted to share with you a new project that I am working on (Oh, and don’t worry, this is not going to delay my work on the book, or postpone the exciting new things that I plan to share with you, here in DataChant). It’s a new blog called PowerBI-vs-Tableau.com


The new blog is will guide us through an epic battle which is going on in the BI market: Power BI vs Tableau. Curious to learn more? Check it out – PowerBI-vs-Tableau.com

Join here PowerBI-vs-Tableau.com – The Ultimate Product Comparison Resource.


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