Signed a Contract to Write #PowerQuery Book

Dear Readers,

Since I started DataChant on December 2015, and let Power BI and Power Query to slowly possess my professional life, I have firsthand witnessed the new thrill of empowerment by many Power BI and Excel users. Unexpectedly, I also found a stronger force – The power of the community, and the empowerment of sharing.


So, today – I am excited to share the news –

I have signed a contract with Pearson to write a new Microsoft Press book on Power Query. The book is planned to be part of Microsoft Business Skills series, which includes Marco Russo’s and Alberto Ferrari’s great books:

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And finally, here is a last important proposal for you – If you have an interesting story about Power BI or Power Query, you can share it with us, and become a guest blogger – Just click here to share your contact info.


  1. edh Reply

    Excellent news! Well deserved. I look forward to it. For me, the definitive book on Power Query is “M is for Data Monkeys.” Reading your blog has added a number of additional M language skills to my arsenal and will eagerly anticipate your book.

    Blogs are great, but there is something about going through a book and the accompanying examples that provides a better learning experience for me.

    • Gil Raviv Post authorReply

      Thank you edh. I agree. There is something in books that no other medium can do better.

    • Gil Raviv Post authorReply

      Thank you Ghazanfar. I never planned to inspire 🙂 Would be awesome if you have any stories to share. How did Power BI / Power Query empower you and your business?

  2. Cezar P. Reply

    Great, simply great! There are so many DAX books and so few about Power Query. I wish you many interesting and tough problems… to solve in the book. More “M” is needed!
    I keep my fingers crossed. Hope we are going to see it as soon as possible. Really great news!

  3. Cezar P. Reply

    Great news! Hope to find many new tips and ideas for data transformations.
    It’s not the easiest task to gather all that’s going around with Power Query but someone has to make some order…
    I look forward to your book.

  4. MF Reply

    Hi Gil,
    May I know when your book will be ready? I am looking forward to it! 🙂

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