Going to #MSDataSummit? Don’t miss my #PowerBI sessions

Are you going to Microsoft Data Insights Summit?

Microsoft Data Insights Summit

If you do, I hope to meet you in my sessions:

Session 1: The Ten Pitfalls of The Data Wrangler

Monday, June 12 2017, 2:10 pm – 3:00 pm

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BI Pro / 300 LEVEL / Excel, Power BI / Data Prep and Modeling / Breakout

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Data preparation has become so easy and potent in Excel and Power BI. The user experience of the Query Editor of Power BI and Excel (Power Query Add-In, or Get & Transform in Excel 2016) is extremely rewarding. It transforms crucial yet repetitive tasks into an exciting and even fun activity. Just as important, it’s a process which produces an automated pipeline for your ever-changing reporting requirements. Thanks to Power Query, the modern data wrangler can become a self-service ETL power house. As you become a super data wrangler, it’s time to be aware of the most common mistakes you do in Power Query, and how to avoid them. (The session is based on the Pitfalls series here).

The 10 Data Wrangler Pitfalls - When there is no Data Contract
How to avoid the pitfalls when there is no Data Contract

Session 2: Become Data Innovation Catalyst in Your Organization Using Power BI

Don’t miss this session, if you are starting Data Governance in your organization, or is looking to recruit Power BI Champions, or paving your way to become one.

Tuesday, June 13, 10:30 pm – 11:20 pm

Business User / 200 LEVEL / Power BI / General Overview/Intro / Breakout

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In this session, we will learn how to utilize Power BI to speed up a data innovation culture in your organization. We will adopt agile & innovation approaches to push self-service BI to new frontiers. With real life examples, we will demonstrate how to use Power BI for rapid prototyping to gain higher engagement from your stakeholders and shorter time to insights. This session combines high-level concepts with technical demos that help you to become the catalyst of data innovation in your organization.

Looking forward to meeting you in person.



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