Who will win in the Netherlands? – Facebook insights using Power BI

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The Netherlands awaits its election results tomorrow (March 15th, 2017). After Brexit and US General Elections results, the whole world (or at least the western world) looks to this day.

Being curious on how does the social media landscape looks like for top 3 candidates, I ran this quick Analytics on candidates’ Facebook pages and came up with this dashboard.

Do you want to learn how to create such report? Follow this tutorial.

General elections take place every 5 years in the Netherlands and four years after the government formation, the next election related talks and preparations start taking place. Hence, I took last one year of Facebook data for my analysis.

Few Insights

Netherlands Election in Power BI

  • Mr. Wilders, though late in the game on Facebook, has been quite active since August 2016 compared to others (as seen in the Area Chart above). Did US General Elections social media influence made them realize the potential of social media? Might be!
  • Whether it has been the number of messages posted or the number of shares of those posts, the Right candidate, Mr. Wilders has left other candidates behind by far.

Netherlands Elections in Power BI

  • Though the number of shares for Mr. Wilders posts has been significantly higher, I can not say much about the overall sentiment for those posts and shares, based on this report.

Whether the winning candidate will be invited by the King Willem-Alexander to form the government will remain to be seen. But, if we look at this report, Facebook indicates a clear favorite for this years elections!

Next few days will be exciting for the Netherlands, the European Union or probably the world.

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