Find a Power BI MVP (and me)

The first morning of 2017 welcomed me with these fantastic news:

MVP Award

I am honored to be part of such a wonderful and creative group of professionals, and would like to thank you, my readers, in helping me getting here.

As a special gift, here is a Power BI report that can help you finding your Power BI MVP. Click here to view the report on a separate window.

The report was created with Power BI Desktop and uses the Web connector to extract public data which is avialable here (Screenshot below).

Find Power BI MVP
Here is where you officially find an MVP

I may publish the .PBIX file (It wasn’t an easy task), but will first check with Microsoft that this is OK (Theortecially, all MVPs can be extracted, so I am not sure they will approve it).

Note: In the report above, I used the keyword “Power BI” instead of the award category Data Platform. With this search you can find more MVPs that use the term “Power BI” in their profile. You can narrow down the list and slice and dice the visuals by award category and country.

Enjoy the report, and have a wonderful 2017.



  1. Ghazanfar AbidiReply

    Hi Gil, Congrats on the MVP award! Can’t say that this surprises me though 🙂

  2. JulianReply

    Hi Gil,

    In case Microsoft or somebody else won’t agree with you to “leak” your .PBIX file, I think you can make a workaround by reproducing it as a demo version with fictitious data, Basically I think readers can learn a lot of tricks from it, right?

  3. JulianReply

    Hi Gil,

    I tried to use PowerQuery to extract the web data like your pitfalls and unpivot series but failed, It sounded to me that QuickBooks Web Connector or something else is one of the tools to make it happen. If this is the case, would you please guide me a walkthrough how to use it? After all, Being unable to get the data first, it’s no way to do anything furthermore,

    • Gil Raviv Post authorReply

      Hi Julian,
      Not sure I follow. Are you asking for a QuickBook walkthrough or Import from Web as I did for the MVP site?

  4. JulianReply

    Did you mean you can import data from MVP site with Excel PowerQuery or PowerBI desktop alone, no need to use QuickBook? Yes, that’s what I wanted. I tried many times but got nothing.

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