Sneak Peek: Analyze Salesforce Opportunities in Excel

As a special gift to you for the coming holidays, I am about to share a FREE Excel template that analyzes Salesforce opportunities. While the template is going to be available to all readers by end of 2016, you can be to first to try it, by subscribing to my blog.

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The Salesforce Excel template, uses Power Query / Get & Transform to import the data from Salesforce.

Import Salesforce Objects into Excel

Unlike the typical analysis of Salesforce data in Excel, where you are used to perform sisyphic work to manually export Salesforce data to a CSV file, clean the data and then create ad-hoc reports that can take hours, here, with this template, you have everything ready in a click of a button.

With this template, you can click Refresh All in Data tab to get the latest data from Salesforce.

The Salesforce Excel template focuses on the analysis of opportunities. In the future, I plan to extend the reports to additional Salesforce elements, but the main focus will be to share with you step-by-step instructions, that will empower you to create your own Salesforce reports using Excel Power Query and Power Pivot, or Power BI.

Analyze Salesforce data in Excel

What to expect next?

If you subscribe to DataChant, you will receive an email with a link to DataChanr’s shared resources which are available for all the subscribers. The Saleforce template can be found there, its filename starts with “Salesforce Insights“.

Subscribe to DataChant to access the Excel Salesforce Template

You are welcome to share bugs and feedback in the comments below.

In two weeks, I plan to share the Salesforce Excel template as part of the first blog post in a series that will discuss Salesforce in Excel and Power BI. To follow the Salesforce series, stay tuned to this link or follow me on twitter.

If you have implemented Salesforce reporting in Excel or Power BI, and wish to share tips and tricks, you are welcome to email me at I will be thrilled to host you as a guest author.

Stay tuned for the Salesforce Series.




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  2. German Fonseca Reply

    Does the Salesforce Excel Power Query connector only appears on some versions of Excel 2016? I’m using Microsoft Excel Standard 2016 but the Salesforce data source options does not appears. Would appreciatte your comments.

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