Sneak Peek – Extracting Key Phrases from Text Messages in Power BI

With only three days until the US Presidential Election, here is a Power BI report that extracts Trump’s and Clinton’s key phrases from their Facebook status updates during the race.

In the upper WordCloud visual the most used phrases are bigger. In the lower WordCloud visual the phrases that got the higher number of shares are bigger.

Curious to learn how to create this report? Stay tuned for my next blog post on Power BI Community blog, where we will go through the steps to import Facebook posts, extract key phrases using Microsoft Cognitive Services, and build the main visuals. The blog post will be published next week, but only after Tuesday, so nobody will blame me for rigging this election 🙂

Feel free to share the report above, using this link.

Update: Read this blog post to learn how to extract Key Phrases in Power BI.


  1. Anonymous Reply

    Thanks for the nice posts. May i please know is it possible to get the data (facebook posts) refreshed automatically for this ( Facebook data source is not listed in the data sources under gateway.

  2. Gil Raviv Post authorReply

    Yes, you can. I used the Web connector, not the Facebook one.

  3. Anonymous Reply

    thank you. Yes I am able to do schedule refresh while using web connector that is

    I noticed that we need to use page tokens to load all posts and that iteration needs to do number of times if posts are more.

    Acess token generated in the FB developer page is getting expired very often. Is there anyway to get the access token for atleast 1 month expiration.

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