PASS BI Virtual Chapter Demo on Sentiment Analysis in Power BI

Today I presented at PASS BI Virtual Chapter, and walked through the creation of a Power BI report which analyzes the engagement and sentiment of the US Election candidates on Facebook.

Here is the recording:

Thank you Nathan and Scott for inviting me and for hosting this session.

Power BI Demo for PASS BI VC
This report was created during the live 45 minute session.

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How to use the template

Once you subscribe, and confirm your mail, you’ll get access to the subscriber folder, and can find this file:

PASSBIVC Demo – Sentiment Analysis of Clinton and Trump on Facebook.pbit

After you open it with Power BI Desktop, you’ll need to acquire a Microsoft Cognitive Services Textual Analytics API Key here (It’s free), and paste it in the API Key text box. Once you are done, click Load and enjoy the report.


If you encounter a Formula.Firewall error during the refresh, please enable Fast Combine. Read here how to enable it.


If you missed the session, you can still watch the recording and follow it step by step, or just use the template and modify it to meet your needs. If you consider building your social analytics platform on Power BI, contact me at to learn how I can help.

Hope you’ll enjoy the recording.

Read more about Sentiment Analysis in Power BI here.


  1. Cassie Yan Reply

    Thank you, Gil, for the sharing. This is an eye opening video for me. How amazing Power BI can do with analytics! While follow your video, I have encountered an error when invoke the function:
    Formula.Firewall: Query ‘All Candidates (2)’ (step ‘Invoked Custom Function’) references other queries or steps, so it may not directly access a data source. Please rebuild this data combination.

    Can you show me the light how to solve this problem?

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  3. Julian Reply

    The PBIT file could not be unzipped, directly opened by PowerBI desktop or imported template by PowerBI desktop? Please help.

    • Gil Raviv Post authorReply

      Can you save the file first. Then double click it? The Power BI Desktop should open and ask you to provide the value for the parameter.

  4. Julian Reply

    I could do with Sentiment Analysis Part in this way, but not this case – When I double clicked the template file, a warning message popped up saying “unable to unzip the file”

  5. Julian Reply

    Hi Gil,

    Let me make it clearer:

    There are 6 zip files in the subscriber folder all related to USA presidential election. The first one could not be opened as I addressed. the 2nd is readable, the rest 4 files (3~6) could be opened but all the reports were not visible – even I’ve changed the privacy setting to ignore the privacy levels… an error message still poped up saying “We can’t convert the value null to tyoe text”

    1. Sentiment Analysis – Clinton and Trump on
    2. Sentiment Analysis Part
    3. Sentiment Analysis Sample (Handling thousands of messages).zip
    4. Sentiment Analysis Sample 2 –
    5. Sentiment Analysis Sample 2 – Start
    6. Sentiment Analysis

    By the way, no samle file for the post “Who will win in the Netherlands? – Facebook insights using Power BI”, right? I didn’t find any one in the subscriber folder. That’s it.



    • Gil Raviv Post authorReply

      Thank you so much for the feedback. I will go over the files and fix it. Regarding the Netherlands post, we didn’t share the file.

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